Quantum is a synthizoid and a powerful mentalist. He evolved from Horizon the original lifeform created from the energy of the Cosmic Cube. Horizon was a Futuristic SpaceShip and Artificial Inteligence which had it’s own Identity ( Like Hal 9000 ). Horizon’s existence is due to an experiment performed with the Cosmic Cube energy which gave Horizon life. Finding Horizon orbiting his planet was Venture. He gave shelter and aid to Horizon until he could cope with his new found life. After being introduce to Veck society he became a productive member In their Military/Science Depts under General Venture. Venture and I then traveled to earth and encountered the Avengers and we decided to stay a bit to help out in a mission as Odysey 8. Odysey 8 was a group formed by (Guy Ritchie, Gyro Dick…)You know who! Odysey 8 split and some members are part of The New West Coast Avengers…and these stories are called, The Quantum Chronicles.
Mr quantum

Quantum Chronicles